「Black Lollipop」及び「Black Lollipop Boys」で制作した画像については



 基本アニメーションを含んだ全身Live2Dモデルとして制作販売しております。 ご希望の方はBlack Lollipop Discordサーバー内「Live2D制作依頼」チャンネルをご確認の上Discordのメッセージで依頼を受け付けます。 https://discord.gg/2enRgJtv7m




*「着せ替えプレミアム」はBlack Lollipop Boysのみのサービス


4.「Black Lollipop Boys」をタップします。


1.Google Playストアを開きます。



本利用規約の内容は,ユーザーに通知することなく,変更することができるものとします。 当社が別途定める場合を除いて,変更後の利用規約は,本ウェブサイトに掲載したときから効力を生じるものとします。




Black Lollipop and Black Lollipop Boys Terms of Use

For images created with "Black Lollipop" and "Black Lollipop Boys"
Not for commercial use
No report or permission is required for personal non-commercial use.

What you can do

・Use as a profile image or icon on SNS
・Share images and videos on SNS and video services (app play videos, etc.)
・Use as a material in the video in the video service
・Use as a stamp image on SNS such as LINE *Distribution or sale to an unspecified number of people is not allowed
・Image sharing on SNS
・When using video services with advertising income, using as a Vtuber avatar, using on websites, etc.
You can use it by noting that it uses "Black Lollipop" and providing a link to the app.

* For those who want to use it as a high-quality Vtuber avatar, a character dressed with a black lollipop for a fee,
We are producing and selling a full-body Live2D model that includes basic animation. If you are interested, please check the "Live2D production request" channel on the Black Lollipop Discord server and accept the request via Discord message.

Prohibited matter

・ Free distribution or sale of dress-up images
・Trace or partially modify the dress-up image and distribute or sell it for free
・ Free distribution or sale of material collections in which images are traced or partially modified
・ Free distribution or sale of LINE CREATORS MARKET
・ Free distribution or sale as a Vtuber avatar
・NFT issuance and sale of dress-up images
・Do not use in apps with advertising income, games, or use as app icons
It is prohibited because it may conflict with "Black Lollipop".
・Use in content that is against public order and morals, such as excessive adult content, violence, discrimination, slander, etc.
・Distribute or sell products, products, etc. using images for free
Examples: Goods such as postcards and tin badges, standby images, design templates, dress-up games, use in LINE stamps, etc.
The character design of "Black Lollipop" is learned by AI and illustrations are generated and sold or distributed free of charge.
The "Black Lollipop" character design will be sold or distributed free of charge as a 3D avatar.

About "Dress Up Premium"

*"Dress Up Premium" is a service only available for Black Lollipop Boys

・All items can be used without watching video ads.
・Free up all your storage space without watching video ads.
・This plan is automatically renewed every month and the usage fee will be charged.
・This plan can be cancelled at any time.
・If you cancel until the day before the renewal date, you will not be charged for the following month.
・After cancellation, all items will be locked again except for the items that have been released by watching the video ads.

■How to cancel on iOS

1.Open the Settings app.
2.Open AppleID in the Settings app.
3.Tap Subscription.
4.Tap "Black Lollipop Boys".
5.Tap "Cancel Subscription".

■How to cancel on Android

1.Open the Google Play Store.
2.Tap "Menu" > "Subscription".
3.Tap "Black Lollipop Boys".
4.Tap "Cancel Subscription".
・Please note that even if you register for Dress Up Premium, the data will be saved on your device, so if you uninstall the app, all the data saved in the storage space will be deleted.

The copyright of the created character image and design is owned by our company "Inline Planning Co., Ltd.".
In principle, commercial use is not allowed for free, but it may be available for a fee.
If you would like to use it for commercial purposes, please contact us by email. It is also possible to hand over high-quality data only for commercial use.

Changes to Terms of Use

The contents of these Terms of Use may be changed without notifying the User. Unless otherwise specified by the Company, the changed terms of use shall take effect from the time they are posted on this website.

■ Inquiries

Mail: inlineplanning@gmail.com

[Enacted on June 20, 2024]
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